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Junior Golf Instruction Programs


The Glenview Prairie Club in partnership with Nike Golf  is pleased to offer Nike Golf’s NG360° Junior Athletic Golf Academy powered by Movement 3 Golf. By adhering to what kids want most, FUN, and using industry leading technology, equipment and training methodology. Nike Golf and Movement 3 Golf have created a safe, nurturing and kid-friendly environment for learning the game of golf. Movement 3 Golf, the pioneer in changing junior golf development in Illinois is now nationally partnered with Nike Golf to created the most innovative approach to teaching golf skills, athletic skills, game management and on-course strategy to juniors anywhere.   Active Start Program Active Start students begin to develop all the essential motor patterns used in golf and other sports through fun and exciting games that young children love. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child to learn how to use the same activities at home. We include everything from crawling, running, jumping, tossing, obstacle course, balance, early golf skills with kid-friendly SNAG golf equipment and much more. Who: ages 3-4 years Max/Min:8/4 per section
ID# Day/Time Beg/End
108041-A Tu 3-3:45 pm 8/26-10/16
108041-B Th 3-3:45 pm 8/30-10/18
Fee: (R/NR) $120 To register online, click here.   Fundamentals I Level I Fundamental students learn the basics of putting, chipping, and full swing while working with a variety of different fun, age appropriate activities. This program begins to bring the game of golf to life with Nike Junior Golf clubs, great golf games and kid-friendly golf challenges. The Fundamentals Level I introduces your child to the athletic movements needed not only in golf but in all sports as well! Who: ages 5-6 years Max/Min:10/4 per section
ID# Day/Time Beg/End
108042-A Th 4:15-5:15 pm 8/28-10/16
1408042-B Sa 10-11 am 8/30-10/18
Fee: (R/NR) $250 To register online, click here.   Fundamentals II Level II Fundamental students learn how to implement essential athletic movements and skills to use not just in golf but in all sports as well. As their skills improve, so do their golf motions. Our eight week program allows us to continue to build these sport specific skills at an increased rate as well as your child’s golf swing, putting, short-game fundamentals and driving of the golf gall off the tee. On-course instruction is added as well as the introduction to the rules of golf and golf etiquette. Our Nike Juniors have a great time simply “being a kid” and set themselves worlds apart from their peers, while working on their athletic development and golf swing. Who: ages 7-9 years Max/Min: 10/4 per section
ID# Day/Time Beg/End
108043-A M 4:15-5:15 pm 8/25-10/20-no class 9/1
108043-B W 4:15-5:15 pm 8/27-10/15
108043-C Sa 10:30 am – 11:30 am 8/30-10/18
Fee: (R/NR) $295 To register online, click here.   Learn to Play & Score Juniors gain a greater awareness of how the body works in the swing and with this knowledge they accelerate their golf game tremendously! They will also learn specific golf skills including advanced putting, chipping, pitching, iron play, fairway metals, bunker play and driving the golf ball. Juniors learn an in depth knowledge on the rules of golf, golf etiquette, practice strategies, and the beginning of competitive strategy while continuing in a FUN golf environment. Who: ages 10 to 13 years Min/Max: 10/4 per section
ID# Day/Time Beg/End
108040-A Tu 4:15-5:45pm 8/26-10/14
108040-B Sa 1-2:30 pm 8/30-10/18
Fee: (R/NR) $375 To register online, click here.   For further information for Movement 3 Golf’s Junior Performance Programs visit the “Junior Performance” section at http://movement3golf.com/
The Glenview Park District also offers youth golf instruction at the Glenview Park Golf Club. For more information on these lesson opportunities, click here. Register at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Ave.  or online by clicking here.